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Bible OL is highly addictive!

Picture of Kursusleder Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
Bible OL is highly addictive!
by Kursusleder Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Thursday, 3 January 2019, 4:47 PM

Ole Frederiksen Beinthin from the Copenhagen 2018 Hebrew class has written on the persuasive force of Bible OL:

"I am a father of 3 children aged 2, 4 and 6. I work full-time as a primary teacher, and in my spare time I work as a pastor in training for Apostolsk Kirke in Nykøbing F.  I am furthermore the daily leader of BASIS, a special task group for Agape. I have very little spare time (read: no time at all).

Nevertheless, in the Summer of 2018 I decided to learn Hebrew through Bible OL.

I made it, because I could constantly measure my individual progress. And because all learning tasks are tied to the Hebrew Bible, I got very well acquainted with the Biblical texts. It did not take long before I was able to slowly decipher large parts of the Creation Account in Genesis 1. I fealt this was a great reward!

To turn grammar into an exciting task is an almost impossible task. This is also the case for Bible OL, yet often I found myself drawn into the gaming associated with the practice, and I just had to do a specific task one more time.

I passed my exam. Thanks only to Bible OL, which is an extremely smart program. It also helped that I had support from my teacher with little response time. 

But beware: learning Biblical Hebrew this way is highly addictive”!
Picture of Kursusleder Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
Re: Learning Hebrew is addictive!
by Kursusleder Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Wednesday, 2 January 2019, 2:56 PM

After I posted this, Ole asked me specifically to quote him verbatim:

"...jeg bestod! Og det gjorde jeg ene og alene, fordi BibleOL er intet mindre end genialt og fordi Nicolai Winther-Nielsen umiddelbart er det mest dedikerede menneske på planeten (med en mail-svartid på ca. 5 minutter lige meget hvornår på døgnet man skriver...)."

In English:

"... I passed. And the only reason I passed is that Bible OL is no less that geniusly designed and that Nicolai Winther-Nielsen by the look of it is the most dedicated person on this planet - his response time on replies is about 5 minutes no matter at what time day or night one writes..."

I am of course flattered by this undeserved praise, but I do believe that the virtual presence of the facilitator at the rigth time and place - what we call the khairos in Persuasive Design theory - is essential.