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TA Anders Landkildehus on saving hours in class

Picture of Kursusleder Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
TA Anders Landkildehus on saving hours in class
by Kursusleder Nicolai Winther-Nielsen - Monday, 28 January 2019, 10:50 AM

The development of My Biblical Hebrew started in February 2018, and by June I gave access to three students in order to have early feedback on the material. Anders Landkildehus was one of them, and he served as my official TA. As my teaching assistant one of his jobs along with two ohters was to give respons on the learning material and the exercises. He often did not participate in my flipped corpus-driven classrom, which was run by other students who had different schedules and preferred learning in teams.

Anders Landkildehus explains how he learned, and why he did not use Bible OL's performance tracking a lot. He made it to the top in the class. And at key points during the course, he wrote important analyses of the learning material which influenced my continued development of new material in in kind of participatory agile co-design for learning process.

Watch Anders explain this in a 5 minutes video